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Dealing With A Crisis on the Korean Peninsula

Predicting the future is all but impossible. That doesn't mean that organizations and individuals cannot prepare for crises before they happen. Even a crisis as large, as potentially sudden, and as surely catastrophic as open conflict on the Korean Peninsula, can be managed with the right crisis management processes. We don't have to know what North Korea is going to do next to be safe. The goal is to be as safe as possible no matter what happens. That means organizations need to create crisis management plans that don't rely on perfect prediction. 

The following slides are excerpted from a presentation created for clients of Erudite Risk's North Korea Crisis Management services.  They are provided without explanation of content.

Erudite Risk provides consulting on crisis management planning for the Korean Peninsula, crisis plan building, training, and plan stress testing. Erudite maintains a unique approach and body of knowledge relating to North Korea-related crisis management. We have performed crisis management consulting services in this area for more than 15 years, for many of the Fortune 100 from a variety of industries. 

If you are interested in

  • existing plans review or updating,
  • evaluation of organizational plan requirements
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  • stress testing of new or existing plans

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