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Erudite Risk Intelligence

Make Better Decisions

12 Countries in Asia.
Over 1,000 sources of intelligence...and growing.

Issues. Developments. Daily Updates and Reports. Original Source Data.

Good information is difficult to find.
We gather information from across the region, in English and in local languages, collect it, translate it, curate it, and analyze it to produce value-added intelligence.

Just knowing what information is available is half the battle. No need to go hunting for the data and press releases you need--we've already done that for you.

Alerts, Reports, and Raw Data, too.
ER Intelligence provides access to both value-added, derived intelligence, and the original data and sources we used to produce them. We deliver it all to you via email. Alerts warn you of acute events and developments, reports dig deeper into emerging trends in a country or region, and the raw data let’s you dig deeper on a subject of specific interest to you.

Risk Issues
Issues are the major risk-related trends in each country across the region. Issues fall into categories and subcategories. Issues have one or more developments under them.

Developments are new statements, actions, reactions, and provocations that may impact a risk issue. These are the daily, weekly, or longer-term events that may impact the severity or probability of a risk issue. These are the happenings that move the needle and impact the arc and direction of an issue.

We write short development reports, as they occur, tying together disparate data points, so that you are aware of emerging patterns, trends, and changes to the risk environment.

Data Points
The fundamental unit of intelligence, data points, are individual bits of information from sources. Multiple data points are analyzed to form a development. ER gives you access to each and every data point we use to write our development reports and most of the data points we decide not to utilize at all. If we have collected it, you get access to the direct data, or to references back to the original material so you can follow up any leads you may be interested in, on your own.

How We Do It
Erudite Risk employs a mixture of human and technological resources to find information, collect it, and analyze it. We bring it to you so you don't have to go looking for it.

Who Can Benefit

MNC Security and Legal Departments
Multinational corporations with many people and large assets spread out across the region have a daunting task in keeping everyone safe and operations secure. Erudite Risk Intelligence aids large organizations in always having answers and options at the ready to better execute prepared crisis management plans and make early, effective decisions.

Crisis teams need quick answers to questions coming from above. Crisis leaders need context and understanding to avoid false positives and, more importantly, not delay too long, while precious options disappear.

Country Managers
The issues we cover include ALL risks an organization may face in a given country. That means our intelligence coverage isn’t just about safety and security, it’s also about economics and competition and governance. We cover the full range of issues P&L leaders face in making decisions concerning their organizations. See the full list of issue categories and subcategories for a roundup of all the issues we monitor.

Communication with headquarters is also a never-ending concern. We give you the data and information you need to make your market more transparent, allowing you to communicate the true state of affairs on the ground without all the hand-wringing and hours of searching for information that may or may not even exist.

SMEs Operating in or Relying on Asia
It’s a new world. SMEs from one person to 1000 now operate globally. Your business may rely on Asia without having any direct personnel in Asia. Sometimes it feels like there is no one to ask for help.

Whether it is one country, or the whole region, you may rely on Asia’s markets. You may also rely on Asia’s supply chains. ER Intelligence gives you the insight to understand where the country and regional environments you care about most are headed. Acute issues or big trends, we can help you see what’s coming around the corner.

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