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All of the value created by the organization, all of the profits earned, all of the goodwill generated are meaningless if we are still susceptible to extreme risk events that can erase it all. While value creation can be unbounded, value destruction has a floor that, when hit, signals the end of the organization as a going concern.

Know all you can.

Dealing with risk can be understood as a two-part process. One part is dealing with what is knowable, and the other is dealing with what is not knowable. First, we find out all we can, know all we can, and prepare to effectively act on what we now know.

We take action to investigate key issues, shrink the number of unknown variables, and know all we can. Erudite Risk's products and services are all designed around the core idea that we all need to know more about our own internal businesses, that of our partners, and the business environment we operate in. We first learn and then subsequently plan and prepare to act effectively on that hard-won knowledge. Due diligence, investigation, and competitive intelligence are all focused on providing this precious knowledge and insight.

Due Diligence
Due Diligence investigations are meant to counter the risk that comes from lack of transparency and asymmetric information. Lack of good information obfuscates the true value of transactions and hides the risk that may lie in business decisions. Investigative Due Diligence is meant to close the knowledge gaps through information and insight, allowing a better, more well-informed, more confident decision.

Our investigations aid you in getting to the bottom of internal fraud, external or partner-related fraud, FCPA violations, corruption, bribery, IP theft and misuse, trademark violations, counterfeits, and virtually any other case where irregularities have surfaced or allegations have been made.

Competitive Intelligence
Erudite Risk’s Competitive Intelligence services can assist you in making better strategic business decisions. We leverage a core competence in research and investigation and integrate into that a solid understanding of the business environment in our markets to provide the competitive intelligence you need to make better marketing and strategic decisions in your target market.

Intellectual Property Protection
Intellectual Property Protection, or Brand Protection, is a mixture of various activities having the goal of protecting your brand’s integrity and your company’s knowledge and brand assets in a particular market. Erudite Risk’s IP protection services leverage our core investigation competence to ensure the integrity of your brand in the market.

And act on the information you have.

Admitting to ourselves that there are important things we cannot know is the first step on the path to dealing with what is not knowable. So besides finding out things, the second and equally important part of risk management should be in designing our organizations and making our decisions with an eye on protecting ourselves against what we still don't know and are likely to never be able to know. This is the essence of business continuity and crisis management planning, risk assessments, and the various "protective" or security disciplines. We realize that there are things we cannot know and that significant risks lie in these areas and we, therefore, build in resilience and robustness, through problem avoidance measures, asset protection measures, and redundancy. If negative events happen, we’ll be ready to the best of our ability because we planned for the unexpected and the unknown.

Business Continuity
All interruptions to business operations are undesirable; some interruptions, however, are impossible to recover from. Highly severe interruptions, to critical assets, systems, and key processes, can be so damaging that many businesses never bounce back. The goal of business continuity should be to ensure that your systems, plans, training, and thinking are all coordinated to allow your business to experience minimum downtime, maximum robustness, and maximum resilience.

Executive Protection
Our protection personnel have served on protection details for CEOs and board members from global corporations, high-net-worth individuals, and celebrities.

Guard Management
Any guard company can dispatch manpower to a labor strife situation or deploy guards at an office. Few guard companies aid you in designing a complete plan to protect your people and assets and meet the requirements of your specific situation. Erudite Risk fills the gaps by working with you to ensure you have a plan.

TSCM (Anti-Technical Surveillance)
Technical Surveillance Countermeasures is a necessary part of protecting your organization’s confidential and proprietary information from eavesdropping and theft. Sweeps of areas where key conversations and decisions are made should be conducted on a regular basis.

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