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Business Continuity

Assess. Plan. Train. Reassess.

Think Negative.

And then prepare to do something about it.

Major crises do come.
It’s just a matter of when, where, and how bad the damage will be. All interruptions to business operations are undesirable; some interruptions, however, are impossible to recover from. Highly severe interruptions, to critical assets and systems, striking key processes, can be so damaging that many businesses never bounce back. The goal of business continuity should be to ensure that your systems, plans, training, and thinking are all coordinated to allow your business to experience minimum downtime, maximum robustness and maximum resilience. Good business continuity makes for a good reputation among customers, good commercial viability, and good profitability.

Business continuity is an ongoing process.
Erudite Risk can help you manage and build better, more robust business continuity through better management of each step in the business continuity process. We have the local knowledge, experience, and skill to help you build better plans at each step of the process.

Business Impact Analysis
We work with you to identify the parts of your business that matter most. Personnel, processes, assets, and the linkages and dependencies between them are the main determining issues surrounding whether and how deeply crises affect your organization. Without a solid understanding of how your business works, planning for crises will always be suboptimal. 

Crisis Management Planning
Not all crises are preventable or avoidable; but with good preparation, planning, training, and practice even the worst of crises are manageable and survivable. Our CMP services focus on crisis prevention, crisis avoidance, crisis handling, and crisis termination. Erudite Risk helps you through the process of actually thinking about crises and solidifying and documenting that thinking. This is where the internal personnel and structures necessary to implement those plans are settled. 

Risk Assessment
Erudite Risk offers Risk Assessment services as a standalone service for worksites and residences, allowing you to integrate our assessments into your already-existing frameworks for better results. Our risk assessments are also used to avoid making decisions that will lead to more difficult business continuity issues later. Risk assessments can and should be done before you sign the lease and before you commit to a worksite. 

Evaluation and Stress Testing
Erudite Risk can evaluate your existing business continuity and crisis management plans for effectiveness. The best planning processes all include a feedback loop for correcting errors and improving plans. Stress testing provides the data for those adjustments. Once the first round of planning is done, stress testing can show where the rubber doesn’t meet the road. 

Crisis Management

It’s all about the crisis.
Crisis Management Planning is the process of determining the courses of action available to protect all of an organization's key assets in times of crisis. It is the process of determining the preparations necessary to seize those courses of action and then executing those preparations.

Erudite Risk’s Crisis Management Planning service helps you plan for potential crises before they do their damage. Planning for a crisis means the organization has to first identify potential hazards and recognize they exist. In some instances, this is easier said than done because of local and organizational "normalcy biases". Erudite Risk helps you overcome these obstacles, build your plan, and create the buy-in necessary to see that the plan will actually work. 

Crisis Prevention and Avoidance
There is no need to focus on handling a crisis if that crisis can be prevented. We can help you look at your full basket of potential risks so that you can, through planning and preparation, prevent many of them from occurring in the first place. Prevention and avoidance can be as easy as fixing barriers and lights to as involved as relocating to a safer location.

Crisis Handling
When a crisis does strike crisis management planning has prepared you to respond effectively and rapidly. The crisis management team is in place. Personnel are confident in the playbook they have been trained for because it is stress tested and it works. 

We can bring you up to speed.
Erudite Risk's personnel have created, evaluated, and stress tested crisis plans for some of the largest and most prestigious organizations on the planet. If you’ve never created a crisis management plan, we can shepherd the process in your organization. If you have a plan already, we can evaluate it. If you’re comfortable with your existing plan and want to know for sure if it will work, we can stress test it.

Getting another set of eyes, another point of view, into the planning process makes the final product much stronger and more trustworthy. Contact us today.

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