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Due Diligence

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Investigative Due Diligence in Asia

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Due Diligence Investigations are meant to counter the risk that comes from lack of transparency and asymmetric information. Lack of good information obfuscates the true value of transactions and hides the risk that may lie in business decisions. Investigative Due Diligence is meant to close the knowledge gaps through information and insight, allowing a better, more well-informed, more confident decision.

Erudite Risk offers industry best-practice Investigative Due Diligence for companies and other organizations seeking to know more about potential business partners of all types or for those seeking to meet legal compliance requirements such as FCPA checks, Know Your Customer requirements, and anti-money laundering requirements.

Due Diligence Investigations vary in goals, complexity, depth, and time required. Due diligence investigations may employ a variety of investigative elements and be done openly or discreetly, depending on the jurisdiction of the engagement and the needs of the project.

Investigative Due Diligence
Our basic Investigative Due Diligence combines both business and integrity concerns into one integrated and insightful report. The process involves a search for negatives related to business and regulatory concerns, legal issues, integrity, corruption, and political exposure. Reports provide insight into the company’s history and operating record, reputation in the industry and market, and past operating results. A complete due diligence may be rounded out through research into the company’s principals’ professional backgrounds.

Enhanced Investigative Due Diligence
Enhanced Investigative Due Diligence is sometimes required when more information on a subject is necessary. When specific risks have been uncovered or have come to light through other means, an investigative report can shed more light on a particular issue and determine the impact that risk will have on the company going forward. Lack of information availability, lack of confidence in available information, highly critical issues, and the need for perspective and analysis rather than canned data, all call for Enhanced Investigative Due Diligence.

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