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Executive Protection

Get the job done and go home safely.

Concentrate on Business.

It may not be rocket science, but often, rocket science doesn't happen without it.

For an organization that operates globally, Executive Protection is a key item in the portfolio of asset protection services. Our Executive Protection services are customized for the company, executive, and market.

The situation on the ground can require anything from close protection for known threats to trustworthy and efficient logistical support that ensures reliable & safe movement for an executive with a packed schedule.

Erudite provides the local knowledge that is absolutely crucial to properly executing protection programs on the ground. Because no two countries, no two cities, and no two itineraries are exactly the same, the whole trip can turn on key bits of local threat intelligence.

Erudite Risk offers discreet close protection, English-speaking security drivers and vehicles, threat assessment, detail planning, advance planning and surveillance, and reliable execution from wheels down to wheels up. We are flexible, can come up to speed rapidly, and offer a high level of safety and security at a cost-effective price.

From single vehicle, single site, to complex itineraries incorporating multiple vehicles, aircraft, multiple cities, and large groups, we have done it and done it well.

Erudite Risk personnel have been performing executive protection services around Asia for over fifteen years.

We offer in country, on-the-ground support to both multinational clients and partner service providers.

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