NK Crisis Toolkit

A Complete Solution: This is all you need for your North Korea crisis management planning process.

The North Korea Crisis Toolkit (NKCT) is the state of the art solution for your organization's crisis management planning needs.

The Moving Parts of NK Crisis Management

The NK Crisis Toolkit is designed to provide you with support across the full-spectrum of skills and processes you'll need for managing a North Korea conflict-related crisis. It isn't just about building a plan for those in country. It's about learning to better predict conflict, managing prediction failures, and supporting all your organization's crisis needs--whether you have operations on the ground or not.

When you purchase the NKCT, you get all of the below:

5 Core Presentations

Including 4 Hours of Video Presentations with Voice Over

Each presentation includes:
- Video presentation of the slides, with voice over
- PDF-based slides in English, Korean, and Japanese.
- Video presentation transcript in English, Korean, and Japanese


1: Introduction and Crisis Leadership - 10 Slides

Why Your Plan Won't Work
What To Do When Your Plan Breaks


2: Background and Threat Assessment - 45 Slides

Where we're coming from: 2017-2020
The Current Context in 2024
Understanding Sentiment on the Ground
Understanding the Problems of This Crisis
Impacts of This Crisis
Characterizing the Threat


3: Thinking About This Crisis - 29 Slides

To Get the Right Results, Think in the Right Way
The Slow Deterioration Scenario
The Rapid Deterioration Scenario
The Sudden Conflict Scenario
Putting Them All Together
Seeing Conflict From the Allies Point of View
Thinking About Triggers and Indicators
Thinking About Escalation


4: Building a Plan - 24 Slides

1 Plan, 3 Branches
Key Issues for Each Scenario
Identifying Each Scenario
Decisions and Actions for Each Scenario


5: Individuals and Families - 6 Slides

1 Plan, 3 Branches

Sample Crisis Plan for South Korea

The Sample Crisis Plan for South Korea is a sample crisis playbook for a typical MNC operating on the Korean Peninsula. It offers a guide on what a possible playbook for your organization could look like and let's you see areas you may be missing.

Stress Test/Table Top Exercise

The stress test is a professionally-produced scenario for testing your preparations and understanding of the plan. Most importantly, the exercise tests your ability to make decisions, identify crisis scenarios, and act. The first time through, you'll figure out where your blind spots and weak points are, allowing you to shore up the plan.

The Daily Briefing

NKCT purchasers receive a free Daily Briefing report of their choice for one of South Korea or Japan, once a week, through the end of 2024. Use it to keep up with developments in the region and monitor risk and sentiment on the ground. Learn more about the Daily Briefings for each country here.

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The NK Crisis Toolkit is your best available resource.

The Toolkit is a living repository. It is regularly updated to stay current.

LAST UPDATE: June 30, 2024

Over the last 15 years, Erudite Risk has created more crisis management plans related to a North Korea conflict, for more multinationals in South Korea, than anyone else.

We have served your industry:

Financial Services
Food and Beverage
Power Generation
Consumer Goods
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And many more...

Who needs crisis management support for a potential North Korea conflict?

Companies and organizations of all types:

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South Korea

Dependent on NE Asia:
Supply Chains

The North Korea Crisis Toolkit was created, written, and narrated by Rodney J Johnson, President of Erudite Risk.

Mr. Johnson has worked on creating crisis management plans for a North Korea crisis for many of the Fortune 500 over the last 15 years. He is the current chief analyst for the South Korea and Japan Daily Briefings and was previously editor of Erudite Risk’s North Korea Monitor during 2017-19, which was read weekly by multinational organizations from virtually every industry and around the world.

Mr. Johnson is a former military intelligence analyst under the NSA. He has worked across Asia for the last 25 years in the technology and risk management sectors. He has a bachelor’s degree in economics and an MBA, and is a former holder of the CPP, CFE, and CAMS certifications.