Risk and Operations Intelligence

Intelligence for Better Decision Making

Monitor 6 Countries in Asia

Our daily intelligence briefings keep tabs on thousands of data sources across Asia to ensure you get access to the best data and insight on the local business, regulatory, and risk environments available today.

  • Regional leaders can monitor non-local environments for risk and operations trends.
  • Local leaders can monitor local environments for risk and operations trends.
  • Monitor diverse sources of information: from news media to city and state/provincial releases.
  • Shorten the time between government release of information and your awareness of the same
  • Monitor the information landscape with a plan: all data is classified by 1 of 40+ risk categories and 30+ operations categories
  • Prioritize awareness of key initiatives, developments, and incidents before they become questions in your inbox

Draw Circles Around the Most Important Intelligence

Our daily intelligence briefings help you focus on what matters.

  • "Takes" are deeper dives into key issues that are persistent over time.
  • Daily "Developments" are clusters of issues people on the ground are talking about and writing about.
  • Bespoke Indices like the North Korea Perceived Risk Index and the Political and Economic Uncertainty Index let you compare sentiment on the ground over time.
  • Summaries of categorized resources allow rapid digestion of local language news resources
  • Introductions of local language and English government, business association, foreign embassy, and city/state releases let you see what requires more attention.

Communicate Better. Make Better Decisions.

Get help in focusing on what matters.

  • Be ready to address issues before they become issues
  • Know what local management knows
  • Communicate the local situation to HQ and regional leadership
  • Have answers ready when questions come
  • Be proactive in preparing for emergencies and addressing brewing crises
  • Learn what those on the ground think is important

Service and Subscriptions

Reports tailor-made just for your intelligence needs.

  • Reports delivered by email
  • Each recipient receives a one-of-one report tailored to that person's industry and role in the organization
  • No logging in necessary
  • No attachments
  • Subscriptions are by company and country: 1 fee for any number of recipients per company
  • Subscribe to 1 country or ask about a package for multiple countries

Daily country reports are sent out three-four times per week, Monday-Friday, most weeks with exceptions for breaks, system maintenance, or holidays.

Contact us for a free trial of the Daily Briefing for your country of choice.

We currently cover:
South Korea


The Daily Briefing is delivered Monday through Thursday via email.

Each day's reports include a combination of:

Takes are our deep dives into a topic of enduring interest or concern. Takes include copious references to all the media resources we gathered to build them.

Developments are key issues and incidents being heavily reported on in country. These are the centers of local thought gravity around which everything else revolves.

Risk Media
Summaries and analysis of the most important risk issues reported on in media, arranged by risk category. Learn about risk trends and issues while they are developing--before they blow up.

Ops Media
Summaries and analysis of the most important operational issues reported on in media, arranged by operations category. See what's changing in your market, and what's not.

Government Releases
Government press and data releases on key economic data, regulation, law, intiatives, incidents. Straight from the government's press to your eyes in less than a day.

Embassy and Business Association Releases
Statements and news releases from foreign embassies and business/industry associations, including chambers of commerce.

City and State/Province Releases
Local government press and data releases on key economic data, regulation, law, intiatives, incidents.

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