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Biden withdraws from presidential election
July 23, 2024 | Indirect Indicator

- U.S. President Joe Biden withdrew from the presidential race on July 21, citing increasing pressure from Democratic lawmakers, donors, and voters due to concerns about his mental and physical fitness.

- Biden's decision followed a poor performance in a presidential debate on June 27, where he struggled to articulate his views and appeared to lose his train of thought.

- Former President Donald Trump intensified his criticisms of Biden, labeling him the worst president in U.S. history and suggesting Biden attained the presidency through deception and media manipulation.

- Biden endorsed Vice President Kamala Harris as the Democratic nominee for the upcoming election on November 5.

- Biden's endorsement of Harris marked a continuation of their partnership since he selected her as his vice president in 2020, urging Democrats to unite against Trump.

- Trump's Formal nomination as the Republican candidate took place at the GOP National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

- The Democratic National Convention is scheduled for August 19-22 in Chicago, Illinois, where Harris will likely be officially nominated.

- Biden announced his withdrawal while in self-isolation due to a COVID-19 infection, further raising questions about his fitness to serve another term.

- Following Biden's exit, Vice President Kamala Harris expressed her commitment to unite the Democratic Party and the nation in challenging Trump.

- Former President Barack Obama supported Biden's decision to withdraw, recognizing it as a challenging but necessary choice.

- House Speaker Mike Johnson called for Biden's resignation, arguing that if Biden is unfit to run for president, he is also unfit to serve in office.

- Asian markets had a largely negative start following Biden's withdrawal, adding uncertainty to the economic landscape.

- Bitcoin saw an uptick in price following Biden's announcement, though market sentiment remained cautious.

Former CIA analyst charged for allegedly acting as unregistered agent for South Korea
July 19, 2024 | Indirect Indicator

- Former CIA analyst Sue Mi Terry charged with acting as an unregistered agent for South Korea, allegedly exchanging confidential info for luxury gifts.

- Terry accused of receiving items such as Michelin-starred dinners, luxury handbags, and a coat; activities began in 2013 and lasted for a decade.

- Charges include failing to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) and conspiring to violate FARA.

- Indictment highlights Terry's admission of passing handwritten notes from a meeting with US Secretary of State Antony Blinkin to South Korean intelligence.

- Terry's legal representation argues the charges are unfounded, emphasizing her career as an independent scholar and analyst; Council on Foreign Relations has placed her on unpaid leave.

- South Korea's National Intelligence Service in communication with US intelligence regarding the indictment; no anticipated significant impact on South Korea-U.S. relations.

- Terry previously held key positions including deputy national intelligence officer for East Asia; indictment suggests abuse of these roles to assist South Korean intelligence.

Monitored Intelligence for South Korea - Jan. 29, 2024









Erudite Risk takes an all risks approach to intelligence reporting. We categorize key intelligence into one of 40 different risk intelligence categories.

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美서 '와이파이 재머' 악용한 절도 사건 기승...국내는?

In the U.S., cases of theft abusing ‘Wi-Fi jammers’ are on the rise... What about in Korea?

ZD Net Korea | Local Language | News | July 23, 2024 | Cyber Attacks and Data Loss

Burglary cases in the U.S. have seen an increase, particularly involving the use of Wi-Fi jammers to disable Wi-Fi-based IP cameras that monitor properties. A low-cost device, available for approximately 50,000 won, disrupts communication for such cameras, leading to thefts, especially in affluent areas like Los Angeles' Wilshire. The LAPD has advised homeowners to consider wired IP camera installations and enhance security features. Although Wi-Fi jammers have gained notoriety in the U.S., no similar cases have been reported in Korea, where dense CCTV coverage makes tracking intruders easier. Korean law also prohibits the sale and distribution of jamming devices, imposing severe penalties for violations. Experts recommend homeowners avoid relying solely on Wi-Fi cameras and instead invest in additional security measures.

New head of unification council vows efforts to let N. Koreans realize Seoul's unification efforts

Yonhap | English | News | July 23, 2024 | Geopolitical Conflict and Disputes

Tae Yong-ho was appointed as the new secretary general of South Korea's Peaceful Unification Advisory Council, pledging to help North Koreans understand Seoul's vision for peaceful unification. Tae, a former North Korean diplomat and the first defector in a deputy ministerial role, highlighted North Korea's increasing hostility and denial of peaceful unification efforts under Kim Jong-un's leadership. He aims to provide policy proposals to President Yoon Suk Yeol and promote a national consensus on unification based on liberal democracy. Tae emphasized his commitment to communicating South Korea's dedication to peaceful unification to the North Korean populace. He defected to South Korea in 2016 and served as a lawmaker but did not secure a second term in the recent elections.

기존 AI 법안 '실효적 규제 부재'…이번 국회서 개선해야

Existing AI bill ‘lack of effective regulation’… We need to improve this National Assembly

ET News | Local Language | News | July 23, 2024 | Regulation

The plenary meeting of the National Assembly Science, Technology, Information, Broadcasting and Communications Committee in Seoul revealed concerns regarding the proposed artificial intelligence (AI) bill analyzed by legal experts. While the bill emphasizes industry promotion, it lacks clarity on AI stability, leaving regulatory measures on ethical concerns and dangerous AI vague. The National IT Industry Promotion Agency commissioned a report on AI legal frameworks, indicating that the current bill mirrors that of the previous assembly without addressing AI side effects. Criticism arose from civil society regarding risks and human rights concerns. Provisions requiring high-risk AI developers to disclose operational principles contain vague exceptions for trade secrets, posing potential legal conflicts. The bill's priority permission approach, allowing technologies to operate before regulation, has faced opposition, with calls for clearer identification of potential problems. Experts warned that without addressing AI stability and risk, the upcoming bill may struggle for approval, underscoring the need for comprehensive discussions with civic groups and industry stakeholders.

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