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Typhoon Kemi causing disruptions in Taiwan
July 23, 2024 | Indirect Indicator

- The Taoyuan City Government's Housing Development Office announced plans for two social housing projects in Guishan District, set to begin in August 2023 and be completed by 2027.

- These projects will provide 420 housing units and various public service facilities, including 35 suite-style youth social houses.

- The "Shanjie Community House" on Wenqing 6th Road will feature 16 floors above ground, 2 underground, and a total of 295 households.

- Strategic location near Airport MRT A7 Station, Chang Gung Memorial University, Sports University, Linkou Industrial Zone, and Huaya Science and Technology Park.

- The design includes shared living spaces, restaurants, and kitchens, with separate management and entrances for suite-style youth housing.

- The "Xing'an Community House" on Xingda Road will consist of 17 floors above ground, 3 underground, and provide 125 households.

- Proximity to district office and Xingfu Elementary School.

- Both projects align with the city government's initiative to promote social housing as a central component of neighborhoods.

- "Shanjie Social House" will feature facilities like a public care center, community day care services, family caregiver support centers, kindergartens, and micro sports venues.

- "Xing'an Social Housing" will include a family service center, community resource center, home care service center, long-term care management center, citizen activity center, and micro sports venue.

- Taoyuan City Government has planned 43 social housing sites totaling at least 10,543 households; 14 sites with 4,374 households completed, and 2 sites with 330 households under construction.

- Additional three social housing units (772 units) are planned to commence by the end of the year.

- All social housing projects will adhere to standards for green building, net-zero carbon construction, smart building technologies, universal design, barrier-free access, and earthquake-resistant construction methods.

- At approximately 9 a.m., a passenger car struck a sika deer in the Nanwan area along Kenting Taiwan Route 26.

- The deer left the scene by the time personnel arrived; injuries to the person and vehicle damage were not serious.

- Reclamation Management Office indicates the sika deer population in the area has surpassed the ecological carrying capacity, necessitating population control measures.

- Chen Junshan, the deputy director of Kenting National Park Management Office, mentioned predicting vehicle-deer accident frequency is challenging.

- Since September of the previous year, 2 to 3 incidents occurred, with projections of 5 to 10 similar occurrences annually.

- Tender for public accident liability insurance rejected six times due to unpredictability.

- Unusual sightings include a deer swimming in the sea and another hit by a car.

- Pingtung University of Science and Technology commissioned to investigate the population, around 2,000 deer in Hengchun, exceeding the local capacity of 1,500.

- A reduction of 500 animals is needed to avoid competition for food among deer.

- Reclamation Management Office accepts applications from various groups for deer donation following evaluation.

- Effective management strategies require further discussion; Ministry of Agriculture recognizes sika deer as domestic animals, complicating management under wildlife conservation laws.

- Supervisory Yuan initiated an investigation into deer management and plans visits to Kenting National Park.

- Reclamation Management Office removing deer from Kenting High Coral Reef Nature Reserve to protect delicate plant species.

- Capture methods within the national park are humane, while outside the park, hunting remains unrestricted.

- Supervisory committee members recently called for a self-investigation regarding the deer situation.

- Successful reintroduction of sika deer has positively impacted tourism revenue but caused agricultural damage and ecological concerns.

- Lack of consensus on classifying sika deer as domestic or wild animals prevents a clear treatment model for their management.

Huawei's lawsuit for technology patent infringement
July 23, 2024 | Indirect Indicator

- Nearly 25% of China's listed companies are operating at a loss, a significant increase from about 7% a decade ago.

- Overcapacity and weak consumer demand in the manufacturing sector are forcing companies to lower prices and edge towards deflation.

- Example: Jiangsu Longpan Technology reported a loss of $6.9 billion due to decreasing demand and market oversupply.

- The bursting of the real estate bubble is exacerbating the economic downturn.

- The Chinese government is focusing on investments in manufacturing, neglecting the need for increased consumption, aligning with the Communist Party's goals of developing industries such as electric vehicles and solar energy.

- Longi Green Energy anticipates a loss of RMB 6.6 billion for the first half of the year due to oversupply in the photovoltaic sector.

- Chinese companies have increased exports by 8% year-on-year in June in response to faltering domestic sales, raising potential trade tensions.

- Chinese solar manufacturers, including Longi, JA Solar, and Trina, are shutting down factories in Southeast Asia due to the expiration of the U.S. tariff exemption for ASEAN countries.

- A preliminary ruling by the U.S. International Trade Commission found harm to U.S. manufacturers from practices in Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam, leading to significant market price drops.

- Analysts estimate that more than half of China’s photovoltaic plants may face bankruptcy due to weak domestic demand and ongoing anti-dumping investigations.

- Huawei has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against MediaTek, involving mobile communication technologies such as 5G.

- MediaTek stated the lawsuit has entered judicial proceedings and claims it will not significantly impact the company.

- The lawsuit represents Huawei's effort to explore patent licensing beyond smart terminal manufacturers to include chip manufacturers.

- In 2023, Huawei ranked first globally with 6,494 Patent Cooperation Treaty applications.

Monitored Intelligence for Taiwan - Jan. 25, 2024









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台積電供應鏈從熊本向外擴散 台新福岡支行提出輻射開發戰略

TSMC’s supply chain spreads outward from Kumamoto, and Taishin Fukuoka Branch proposes a radiation development strategy

United Daily News | Local Language | News | July 23, 2024 | Supply Chain Issues

The TSMC supply chain is experiencing challenges in Kumamoto due to overcrowding and a scarcity of land, prompting suppliers to consider alternative locations such as Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, and Oita for factory setups. Taishin Bank has established a Fukuoka branch in the Tenjin Business Center, providing support to customers seeking land and factory options. Local civil servants are overwhelmed by the demands of land classification changes, complicating development in Kumamoto. The Fukuoka branch will serve as a key center for Western Japan and Kyushu, alongside the Tokyo branch, which has seen significant growth in business and staffing. The local recruitment market in Fukuoka has intensified, with rising salaries for university graduates. Taishin Bank’s operations in Japan have facilitated collaborations between Taiwanese and Japanese companies, enhancing financing options.


Chinese coast guard ships frequently appear in the waters off Sarawak, threatening Malaysia’s sovereignty and the coral reef ecology of Qiongtai Reef

The News Lens | Local Language | News | July 23, 2024 | Geopolitical Conflict and Disputes

Qiongtai Reef, located in the Nankang Shoal within Malaysia's Exclusive Economic Zone, is facing threats due to the frequent presence of Chinese coast guard ships. Local fishermen have reported encounters with these vessels, leading to disturbances in their fishing activities. Since 2013, Chinese warships have increasingly asserted their presence in Malaysian waters, causing alarm among local communities. The region is marked by ongoing sovereignty disputes among several nations, including Malaysia, China, and the Philippines, and is of strategic importance due to its economic resources. Chinese coast guard vessels have been observed patrolling the area almost continuously, leading to concerns over potential violations of Malaysian territorial waters. Despite close encounters, no direct confrontation has been reported. Malaysian authorities monitor these intrusions, but diplomatic communications largely dictate the official response. The presence of Chinese vessels has also threatened coral reef ecology due to illegal fishing practices and the potential ecological impact of foreign fishing activities. Efforts have been made by Malaysian citizens to assert national sovereignty, including planting flags on Qiongtai Reef, but these actions were met with protests. The situation has created a complex dynamic where local fishermen feel insecure in their traditional fishing grounds, while broader geopolitical tensions over territorial claims and resource exploitation escalate in the South China Sea.

US general confident in US power in the Taiwan Strait

Taipei Times | English | News | July 23, 2024 | Geopolitical Conflict and Disputes

US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Charles Q. Brown expressed confidence in the US military's ability to win a war against China in the Taiwan Strait during the Aspen Security Forum. Brown emphasized the strength and respect of US forces, stating that any conflict with China would need to be addressed nationally. He noted concerns over Chinese President Xi Jinping's logistical preparations for a potential invasion. US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan warned that a war in the Taiwan Strait would be disastrous, highlighting the importance of maintaining peace and stability in the region. Sullivan also mentioned ongoing efforts to strengthen partnerships with allies like Australia, the Philippines, and Japan to enhance US presence in the Indo-Pacific. Additionally, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken characterized a potential Taiwan crisis as a global issue that impacts everyone, advocating for dialogue with China to avoid escalating tensions.

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